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在开发 VueUse 时,我们将正在使用的工具提取到可以不时独立使用的单独项目中。

¥While developing VueUse, we extract the tools we are using into separate projects that can be used standalone from time to time.


Vue Demi 是库作者创建可组合库的工具,它可以像 VueUse 一样同构地适用于 Vue 2 和 3。它已被许多流行的库(如 vuelidatevue-promised)广泛采用。

¥Vue Demi is a tool for library authors to create composable libraries that work for Vue 2 and 3 isomorphically just like VueUse. It has been widely adopted by many popular libraries like vuelidate and vue-promised.


Vue Chemistry 利用 reactify 函数并将其应用于常见的 JavaScript API,从而实现了纯粹的响应式编程体验。例如:

¥Vue Chemistry utilizes the reactify function and applies it to common JavaScript APIs, which enables a pure reactive programming experience. For example:

import { set } from 'vue-chemistry/core'
import { sum } from 'vue-chemistry/math'
import * as console from 'vue-chemistry/console'

const a = ref(1)
const b = ref(2)

const c = sum(a, b) // c = a + b = 3

set(a, 2) // shorthand for a.value = 2

console.log(c) // it's 4 (2 + 2)!

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